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Two Leadership Development Surveys

by Kevin Eikenberry on May 6, 2012

As you likely know, we are in the business of helping leaders grow and helping organizations grow their leaders. While we spend time every day with these endeavors and spend most days working with leaders, we know there is always a risk of developing a blind spot – of not knowing what is going on in the larger leadership world.

We can try to be observant, read broadly and ask questions – and we know that we still might miss something. That is why we have created two surveys – to find out from real leaders and real organizations around the world what is really happening and what they really need.

That’s why we have created these two very short (five question) surveys.

The Individual Leadership Development Survey. This survey asks you what your biggest leadership challenges are, how you are developing and what strategies for learning work best for you. Take it now.

The Organizational Leadership Development Survey. This survey asks about how your organization is developing leaders – what strategies you are employing and how it is going. Take it now.

What is in it for you to take these short surveys? Everyone who completes the surveys will be invited to a teleseminar (one for each survey) later this month where I will reveal the overall results, and more importantly, how you can use that information to develop yourself or the leaders in your organization more effectively.

In other words, your two minute investment to contribute to the survey will net you a bigger perspective on leadership development and specific actions you can take to improve!

Thanks in advance for helping us – I look forward to returning the favor later this month.


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Wes Morgan May 7, 2012 at 7:30 am

You were remarkable in Chicago (at the American Marketing Association Leadership Summit). Thanks Kevin.


Kevin Eikenberry May 7, 2012 at 9:00 am

Thanks Wes – I loved being there!

Kevin :)


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