An Important Seed of Achievement


confidenceAchievement, in any facet of life, requires a variety of inputs. Orison Swett Marden, the original publisher of Success Magazine, believed that one input came first.

“Confidence is the father of achievement.”
Orison Swett Marden, author

Questions to Ponder

What is my overall confidence level?
When do I feel most confident?
What makes me more confident?

Action Steps

  1. Consider your answer to the third question above.
  2. Create ways to have more of those things in your life.
  3. Spend more time with people who believe in you.
  4. Move forward confidently.

My Thoughts

I just completed a two-day workshop with 19 leaders.  One of their biggest goals for the workshop was to leave with greater confidence.  I doubt they had read today’s quotation, but they knew how important confidence is anyway.

What could I do to help them build their confidence over the course of a two-day workshop?  I considered that a great deal during lunch and during the evening between the sessions. My conclusion was two-fold. I can’t do much, and I can do a whole lot. Let me explain.

I could provide information and the chance to practice new skills during the training, and those things could help someone become more confident as they apply those skills. But they have to apply the knowledge – I can’t do it for them.

And I could look for glimpses of their potential and encourage them by helping them see what I see. When I believe in someone, and act in that way, it helps them grow their confidence in themselves (setting off the chain reaction of greater results). Research shows it and personal experience proves it. Our belief in others is a tangible factor in raising their belief (i.e. confidence) in themselves.

So along with the action steps above to help you raise your confidence, I hope you will do one more thing – encourage and believe in others.  Because when you do that, you plant the seed of confidence in them too.

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  1. Marcia Norman says

    One of your best posts.
    Confidence yes. I could not agree more that when you lead and manage people is by showing your belief in them that is what ultimately encourages them to develop themselves and act towards their growth. Besides being a contagious attitude.

  2. Mohamed Haleem says

    Kevin, as usual and one of your outstanding posts!
    As Orison Swett Marden, put is, “Confidence is the father of achievement,” and if anybody can link with the mother of achievement, there is nothing anybody or whole world can derail that person from success and happiness!
    Thanks for your continued support and service for human development, Kevin

  3. Lynn Degele says

    A wonderful post Kevin! I hadn’t looked at it in that way before, but asking ourselves those three questions is the key to becoming more confident, because we’re asking ourselves what do we need to do feel good about ourselves?

    Encouraging others is the start of that, because our support can help to make others feel good about themselves. When we make it a point to encourage everyone we meet, a natural consequence of that is learning to encourage and believe in ourselves, because the way we treat others is a reflection of our self-esteem.

    Thank you for an inspiring post, I have been reading them for a while now, and always find them thought-provoking.

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