Unlocking the Passion Paradox


Key and KeyholeIn my opinion, passion is one of the most attractive qualities a person can possess.

When you are passionate about something, others are drawn to you; you are able to influence more effectively and lead more successfully.

Beyond these interpersonal facts, there are valuable personal benefits for possessing passion in your life.

When we are passionate we are more productive, happier, healthier, have more energy, less stress, higher work/life satisfaction and typically a better attitude about everything in our lives.

Which highlights what I call The Passion Paradox – passion is great, but what do you do when you just aren’t feeling passionate about much of anything?

It is a common challenge, and why I call it a paradox.

Passion is something we want, but we don’t always know how or where to find it.

Actually, part of the answer comes in that last sentence. Here’s that part again: ” . . . we don’t know how or where to find it.”

Most people are waiting for passion to find them, or on a situation, job or relationship to bring them passion. When the benefits are so great – why should you wait?

You’ll begin to unlock the passion paradox when you go looking for the passion(s) in your life – being proactive – rather than waiting for them to find us.

So if you find yourself feeling frustrated, despondent or generally not feeling very inspired or passionate about things, go on a “passion hunt” with one or more of the following ideas:

Look for good. Things in your life or in your job might not be great right now; passion low or nonexistent. The outlook might seem a little bleak, or the job doesn’t “do anything” for you, but part of that is up to you. What are you looking for? Are you becoming cynical or focusing on the things you don’t like? Start looking for the good in your situation – even super, small good things. Once you get your mind looking for the good, you will begin to find it. Overtime, this habit will help you find wonderful things – if you continually look for the good.

Look to serve. When you are serving, helping or encouraging others, passion will often arrive. Find service opportunities in your current situations or find ways to volunteer your time and talents. You might be surprised how fast passion arrives when you look to serve.

Look at the big picture. You’ll be able to put your problems and challenges in context when you take a minute to consider the big picture. Hopefully taking a longer view will help put things in a more proper perspective and show that the current challenges and frustrations that seem to be sapping your passion are temporary. You will often find your passion when you look at the big picture.

Look at your attitude. When your attitude is more positive it is easier to feel passionate, find passion and attract passion. The opposite is also true. Your attitude is your choice. Are you choosing the attitude that is conducive to finding your passion? If you want more passion in your life, look at your attitude.

Look in other parts of your life. Maybe passion is lacking in one part of your life. If so, look elsewhere. Remind yourself of and immerse yourself in a hobby. Find the passion in other areas of your life (other than work, as an example). You may not, in every minute of your life, have passion in all of your life, so look to other areas to find and feed your passions.

Look at your choices. Bottom line? We all have choices to make that will impact the amount of passion in our lives. Each of the other suggestions above have an element of choice in them. If you want more passion in your life, take responsibility for the choices you make. If you want to find passion, look at your choices.

Will these things guarantee passion in your life tomorrow? No. (But you might be surprised how quickly things will change for you when you start looking.) That however is not the most useful question to be asking right now.

The more productive question is: What am I willing to do to put more passion into my life?

Opening your eyes and beginning to look in the ways I’ve suggested are all proactive ways to begin rekindling or evening finding your passion. As with most things, when you actually look, you’ll have a much great chance of finding.

Happy hunting!

Potential Pointer: When you are passionate about an activity, event or situation, your satisfaction, success and productivity all skyrocket. If you want those benefits more of the time, it isn’t enough to wait for that passionate feeling; you must look for the opportunities, because until you look, you won’t find your passion.

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  1. Angie Kasprzak says

    You are so right Kevin: you must know what you’re looking for in order to recognize it, or it might just pass you by!


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