Thinking Fast and Slow


Today’s Resource Recommendation is Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

What do you get when a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his seminal work in psychology decides to put his thinking and work into one book?

You get a book listed by The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, The Economist, and The Wall Street Journal as one of the best books of 2011.

You get a fascinating book that talks in tremendous depth about how we think and make decisions.

You get the insights of a master researcher who describes his research and thought processes and puts it into context with the research of others, in a way that seems more relevant and genuine than many current books that cite interesting research.

You get a book that makes you think about yourself, your work and the world around you in new ways.

What you don’t get is a book you will read in an evening or likely one you will read casually. (While it is well written and very interesting, it is also deep, so I find myself really thinking as I read its 512 pages.)

While this book isn’t written as a self-help or “here’s how to use this information” book, there are opportunities for application throughout. In fact, as a reader, I find myself pondering the implications for me in my work as a leader, leadership consultant, coach, and business owner on nearly every page.

Deep, yet accessible; I believe this book will be one of the most important I read this year. Like its author, this book has earned its accolades.

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  1. Mathew says

    This book was feature a couple of days ago on The Book Report(, with Elaine. I thoroughly enjoy listening to the radio show. It is a great show for all book lovers.


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