The Goal of Great Communication


The late great Jim Rohn, was more than just a great speaker, he was a modern day philosopher.   Here is one of my favorite quotations from him about communication.

 “The goal of effective communication should be for listeners to say, ‘Me, too!’ versus ‘So what?'”

              – Jim Rohn, speaker and author

Questions to Ponder

What is the goal of my communication?

Who do I know that best models the quotation above?

What can I learn from them?

Action Steps

In your next communication situation, formal or informal . . .

  1. Know the point you want to make
  2. Then stop focusing on your point and start focusing on the audience.
  3. Make sure you understand their perspective.
  4. Communicate your point from that perspective (adjusting it as needed).

Then do it again, until it is your new habit.

My Thoughts

The best communication isn’t about sending our message.  We all spend lots of time in trying to get better at sending our message.  We . . .

  • Take public speaking courses
  • Practice writing better emails
  • Try to tell stories to make our point
  • And lots more

As important as all of that is (and it is), great communication isn’t just about sending a message, it is about assuring our message is received.

Where is your focus – on message sent or message received?

When you shift your focus to taking responsibility for your message being received, you are on the way to being a great communicator.



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