My Five Most Read Posts of 2010


This time of year lots of people publish lists. (I wrote one about books last week).

Today’s list is simple. These are the five most read posts on my blog in 2010. Why should these posts matter to you? Here are three suggestions:

  1. You might have missed them, now you have a chance to read them.
  2. You might have liked them and want to read them again.
  3. You might want to share them with a friend via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. (They’ll appreciate it and so will I.)

Here they are (in David Letterman-style order) with a comment from me:

#5 – Ten Decisions Leaders Make Everyday – These aren’t the decisions you might initially think of, but they are mighty important!

#4 – How to Get Lazy People to Work – A question I regularly get asked in leadership workshops. I figured it would be well read if I wrote a good piece. I think I did (and it was).

#3 – Ten Ways to Make a Great First Impression – I wrote an article once about great handshakes (there is a link to it in the post), which led to a radio interview on this topic. (I wrote the post before I was on the air.)

#2 – Connecting President Obama’s Comments – a Leadership Lesson for Us – A topical post about something the President said during the BP oil spill. The situation is past, but the lesson is timeless.

#1 – Get Uncomfortable! Five Reasons to Make Discomfort Your Friend – Written almost a full year ago, this is my most read post of the year. I am proud of it because it helps us think about how we can choose to change – a great thing to think about this time of the year (or anytime for that matter).

I hope you will read these if you haven’t, comment on them if you like them and share them with someone who would enjoy or benefit from them.

Thanks for reading – if no one read, it would be hard to create this kind of list!

Did I miss your favorite from the year? Comment on this post and tell me what you liked better!

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