Is it Time To Evaluate Your Life?


According to the early morning CNN show I saw in the hotel lobby this morning, it is.  Why?  Because it is National Evaluate Your Life Day. (Here’s more info)

Anytime is a good time to reflect on and evaluate your life.

To give you time to actually do it, I won’t attempt to persuade you to do so.  Rather, I’ll just give you some questions to consider . . .

How happy am I?

How do I feel about the balance in my life?

How am I progressing towards my most important goals?

What could I do today to improve my results or satisfaction with my answers?


While these aren’t the only questions you could ask, they are a start.  Whether you make time to evaluate your life today in total, I hope you will consider at least one of these questions.   Your answers – and the actions you take as a result of your answers can make you a better person and leader.

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