Hall of Fame Induction Speeches


Achievers can always learn from other achievers, regardless of their area of skill or achievement.

NFL Hall of FameYou can talk to high achievers personally, read their biographies or autobiographies and watch them in action. The world had a chance to watch several high achievers in recent days.

Last weekend, seven men were inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. As with most awards of this type, the new members were asked to give an induction speech. All seven were interesting to football fans (yes, I do remember all seven players as a fan); however, two offered significant opportunities for leaders to learn from their mindsets and achievements.

I strongly encourage you read and/or listen to these two speeches in particular:

Jerry Rice, the all time leading receiver in NFL history.

Read his Speech

Emmitt Smith, the all time leading receiver in NFL history

Read his Speech

I could share my lessons from each of these speeches; however, it will be more valuable if you read and/or watch and find the lessons yourself. Let me ask you a couple questions to frame your thinking:

What parts of their character do you admire?

What can you learn about achievement and success from what they said?

I’d love it if you would share your answers and other reactions on my blog.

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