Are You Afraid of Greatness?


Fernando FloresIf you believe, like I do, that we all have tremendous untapped potential, then today’s quotation begs an important question. A question that I will ask you below.

“Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great.”
Fernando Flores, engineer and politician

Questions to Ponder

  • How do you personally define greatness?
  • To what greatness do you aspire?
  • What are you afraid of?

Action Steps

  1. Allow yourself to think about greatness.
  2. Identify your fear.
  3. Take one small step in that direction today.
  4. Bolster your belief through your actions.
  5. Take another step tomorrow.

My Thoughts

Many people talk about the fear of failure and how it holds people back.  They tell themselves and others they are perfectionists.  They say that if they knew they could succeed, of course they would make the effort.  While fear of failure may be real, it is just one barrier to us reaching our potential.
Another equally real barrier is fear of success. You may wonder how your life might be different, or if you could maintain the same circle of friends, or if you could maintain some of the same routines, <add your personal list here>.  While those are valid questions, they all mask fear.
The important question is, what are you afraid of?  What fear is in your way, and – whether real or imagined – keeping you from moving forward?
Once you figure that out, and decide you want to overcome that fear, and grab your greatness and your potential, take action.
Because action is the single most powerful immunization against fear.
Go ahead.
Get started.

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  1. Christian says

    this fear is a result of several factors

    fear of becoming alienated from friends or family
    fear of being held to new standards and expectations
    fear of not being able to meet these new expectations
    not wanting to maintain that level due to the constant effort it takes
    i see it a lot here in mexico

  2. Rod Butcher says

    I liked the post and the questions posed. I also agreed with the fears listed by Christian. One other fear is derived from our upbringing to be humble. To promote or highlight yourself, let alone be great, can sometimes also seem to be at odds with being humble. It is important to find a way to use our strengths, to make a positive impact, without incurring our fear of coming across as boasting or self-important.

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