What to Look For In Future Leaders

future leaders

It is a fundamental quandary in any organization. Someday, the current leaders won’t be there and someone else will need to fill their shoes. It might not be soon, or it might be very urgent due to demographics, turnover or organizational growth. Whatever the reason, the question needs to be posed and answered – who […]

The System is the Secret


By James Karl Butler Leaders and business owners are always looking for an edge, a tool to help them get better (and more consistently better) results. This book points the way very specifically to one of those secrets. It isn’t new and it isn’t sexy, but that secret is systems. In this book the author, […]

The Cost of Distrust

leadership distrust

More and more often I find that  a centerpiece of leadership training we design for Clients has trust – understanding it and understanding how to build it – as an important component.  In thinking about trust this week I was reminded of a great quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson:  “Our distrust is very expensive.” I love […]

Remarkable TV: What Coaches Can Learn from a Fitbit

Lessons from Fitbit

Everywhere I look, I see leadership and coaching lessons. Even my latest technology gadget – the Fitbit! As a coach are you helping people set goals and find valuable and easy ways to track progress? @KevinEikenberry (Click to Tweet) You can learn more about the Remarkable Coaching workshops here. If you have a question that […]

Seven Great Questions to Ask Others

Question mark made from speech bubbles

Just this morning, in a coaching conversation, I asked a question that, as stated by the other person, was exactly what would help them past their obstacle. I’m gratified that I could help. The same question, without trust between the other person and me, might have fallen flat. The intention and purpose of our questions, […]