How to Keep the Negative Attitudes of Others From Impacting You

No Negativity Road Construction Sign Positive Attitude Outlook

It is a proven fact – the attitude of those around you is contagious. This fact is great, when the attitude we are infected with is a positive one. But that isn’t the purpose of this article. Since negative attitudes are just as contagious as positive ones, if you are like me, you’d like to […]

Personal Accountability Starts Here

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When I am with a group, whether training, consulting or coaching, it is a rare day when issues or questions about accountability don’t come up. Accountability is more than a buzz word, it is a behavior exhibited by all highly productive and successful people in any field. Which is why people ask about it – […]

What to Look For In Future Leaders

future leaders

It is a fundamental quandary in any organization. Someday, the current leaders won’t be there and someone else will need to fill their shoes. It might not be soon, or it might be very urgent due to demographics, turnover or organizational growth. Whatever the reason, the question needs to be posed and answered – who […]