Attention Remote Leaders – This Site is for YOU


In some ways, the title says it all. I’ve been observing the increasing struggle for organizations and individual leaders who lead others who are in a different time zone or country, rather than a down-the-hall office for a long time. And for several years I have been leading a remote team as well. All of […]

Remarkable TV: Where’s Waldo?


How can Finding Waldo help you with goal setting and achievement? Check out this Remarkable TV episode to find out! You’ve surely seen the Where’s Waldo? posters, books and more. English illustrator Martin Handford created Waldo in what started as a series of children’s books where readers are challenged to find Waldo amongst many other […]

What Do You Stand For?


As leaders we are in the influence business. Think about it – while it might be desirable and make our lives easier, we can’t make anyone do anything. (At least not for very long and without there being unintended consequences.) If we as leaders can’t control others, we must influence or persuade them. Without question, […]

Powerful Free Content for New Leaders


If you are a new leader, a leader of leaders, or responsible for leadership development in your organization, STOP. Because what I’m about to announce is for YOU. Over 5 years ago, Guy Harris and I introduced the Bud to Boss Workshop. Just over 4 years ago, we released the bestselling book, From Bud to […]

Dare to Serve: How to Drive Superior Results By Serving Others

Dare to Serve leadership book

This book is written by Cheryl Bachelder, the CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., so you might think of it as a typical CEO leadership book. Think again. Yes, this book talks a bit about Cheryl’s back story; which is interesting. And it talks about the significant improvement she and her leadership team have brought […]