Remarkable TV: The Power of Incremental Improvement


Here’s a leadership lesson from Albert Einstein that shows us the power of continual and incremental learning. Many years ago when asked what the most powerful force in the universe was, Albert Einstein said, “compound interest.” What I am writing about today, might be, with all due respect to Albert, just as powerful. The reason […]

Unlock Conversation With These Seven Question Keys


We have all encountered locked doors in our lives. Most of them are literal slabs of wood or metal, keeping us from moving to someplace we want to go. And to get through doors, keys are required. The keys I am sharing with you today however, unlock more than a literal door. They are key […]

3 Hours. Live. All for New Leaders (and those who support them).


This coming Friday, April 17, from 1-4 pm ET, you will want to have the internet handy. Mark your calendars. Whether on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, make plans to join us for our first-ever livecast helping leaders become more effective. Over 5 years ago Guy Harris and I introduced the Bud to Boss […]

How to Start Coaching Existing Team Members


As a leader/manager/supervisor in an organization, part of your responsibility, obligation and an implied (if not stated) expectation is to be a coach. Recently I was asked a very valuable question about that role, and the reality that many leaders live in. (The question came from someone registered for our upcoming 3 hour Livecast on […]