Remarkable TV: One Way to Make Meetings Better


Meetings don’t always have to be boring, unproductive and ineffective. Here is just one way to help turn your meetings around (and maybe your life!) Meetings! I’m guessing you have been to more than a few doozies in your life – I know I have. And while there are many things we can do to […]

What Leading By Example Really Means

Follow the leader

Any discussion of great leaders will include the cliché that the best leaders lead by example. Stated in conversation, everyone will nod and agree. And if you are reflecting personally on the attributes of those you have willingly followed, you will find that common trait too. It seems there is little doubt that we influence […]

Remarkable TV: Mistakes – How Many Are Too Many?


Making mistakes isn’t necessarily all bad. Here’s what I mean. Awhile back I was asked a couple of questions about mistakes and how we should deal with them as a leader. The gist was trying to determine how many mistakes should be allowed and not all mistakes are created equal. Thomas Watson story – $100,000 […]

Five Ways Confident Communication Builds Trust

Confidence. Business Background.

The leader purposefully strides to the front of the conference room table and is prepared to begin. Smiling warmly, she turns to the group, and asks the group a question. Since she wants their response she allows the pause to encourage people to participate. After creating a conversation, she clearly tailors her message to the […]