Remarkable TV: One More Reason for Clear Expectations


There are a lot of reasons that setting clear expectations is important to leadership success, but here’s one really important one that you might not have thought of… When we make expectations clear with others, we provide an opportunity for trust to grow. @KevinEikenberry (Tweet It) You can learn more about the Bud to Boss […]

How to Make Every Performance Review More Effective

Performance Review

When you think about performance reviews, what do you think? Chances are, your first thoughts aren’t positive, and the day of your performance review isn’t a day you circle with positive anticipation. The fact is that . . . Most performance reviews . . . aren’t very effective. Most performance reviews . . . are stressful. […]

No More Meeting Madness: Simple Steps to More Effective, Efficient Meetings

No more meetings!

Perhaps no topic I talk about in workshops gains more immediate and heartfelt groans than the topic of meetings. You likely attended too many last week. You likely attended at least one last week that was a waste of your time. You likely can think of a recent meeting that you didn’t even know why […]

Creating Real Team Alignment

alignment of team goals

Last week, I wrote about the importance of seeing opportunity in your team and what you can do to help your team see opportunities as well. I ended by telling you that the way to create that opportunity view was by creating a definiteness of purpose across all members of your team. Then I promised […]